Rix Petroleum’s Buy Early Campaign for Cheaper Heating Oil Prices

Buy heating oil early campaign for cheaper heating oil prices

Independent fuel supplier, Rix Petroleum, are encouraging customers to buy their heating oil early to avoid the higher heating oil prices that are coming. The marketing campaign uses a Robin as the mascot, urging customers to buy now with the tagline ‘the early bird catches the warm’.┬áThe campaign has a Christmas feel to it, as this is the most expensive oil buying time.

Why do Heating Oil Prices Change?

Heating oil prices fluctuate seasonally due to demand, with lower prices in summer and higher prices in winter. This is because we use much more fuel when it’s cold so collectively, we all purchase more oil in winter. The main issue with a rise in demand for oil in winter is that the fuel companies must source and fulfil a larger amount of orders in a short turnaround time.

Why Do Rix Run this Campaign?

buy oil before winter for cheaper heating oil price campaign

As a family-owned heating oil supplier, Rix are able to provide a more personal approach to their customers which is why they run their annual buy early campaign. The campaign is a reminder for heating oil customers that October and November is the best time to buy oil before the prices rise in December.

If customers buy early, not only are they getting cheaper heating oil prices, but they are also helping the supplier to manage orders more easily. If there is a major increase in orders at Christmas, the heating oil supplier must work quickly to ensure all orders are dispatched.

Emergency deliveries in winter are more costly for both the buyer and the supplier, which is why Rix run their Buy Early campaign; to ensure everyone stays warm through winter.