ISO 9001 Certification

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The ISO 9001:2008 will expire in September 2018, meaning that thousands of businesses across the UK will lose their accreditation and all the benefits that come with that. Clear Quality are ISO 9001 consultants and experts. They’ve put together this article to help you understand what this expiration could mean for your business and what you can do about it. You can get the ISO9001:2015 certification without losing accreditation, but you must act soon.

The ISO 9001 is a international standard that is focused around the quality management system of a company, also known as QMS. The QMS is the process by which your company runs, including everything from the efficiency of your management process to the happiness of your staff. A good QMS means that your company runs efficiently, in terms of financial processes, safety procedures and staff morale. An effective company leads to higher standards of goods and services, as well as exemplifying standards of relational matters. If you can look after your staff well, it suggests you can better look after your customers.

Being ISO 9001 certified is a guarantee to the businesses and companies that you work with and potential clients that you operate under the highest standards, producing the best goods or services and offering high level customer support. Without the ISO 9001, many companies will refuse to trade with your business, or won’t even consider you when looking for the items your produce or the services you provide.

The ISO came into being as many top companies across the world required their suppliers to meet certain standards in order to trade with them. They all operated separately, auditing the companies before trading with them. Eventually, it was decided that there should be an international standard that all companies and businesses could meet (regardless of size) in order to simplify the process of both national and international trade. This ISO is now recognised across the globe as being the most popular and efficient QMS management tool and qualification.

The ISO 9001:2015 focuses on continual development and improvement. It’s not enough to be good at the minute, it’s also about having processes in place that will pick up the weaknesses in your company and look to improve them. There’s many documentation requirements that come with this in order to prove that your business is one that seeks to improve itself.

There aren’t vast differences between the ISO 9001:2015 and the 9001:2008, but the differences the update included are significant enough to mean you are likely to need to put into place a few new systems or tweak what you already have in order to reach the new standards. It can be a complicated system to navigate, as understanding the requirements is complicated, but that’s where Clear Quality come in.

Quality audit and ISO 9001 consultants help businesses through this process. However, as the ISO9001:2008 is set to expire in September 2018, you have less than a year to not only reach the requirements, but to book your audit and be tested. This is not long. If you want to continue to be one of the leading businesses in your industry without losing accreditation, then you must act now.

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