New Muslim Dating Website for Single Muslims

Muslim dating site

While Muslim marriage sites are not a new phenomenon, the idea of ‘Muslim dating‘ is relatively new. Traditionally, the concept of dating within Islam is considered haram (not permitted). However, single Muslims have been reaching out to specialist Muslim dating sites in an attempt to find a mutually compatible partner with the intention of marriage.

About Muslim Dating Site, Helahel

Helahel is a relatively new website within the Muslim dating world but has been created to give single Muslims the chance to use a traditional site. There are many sites for Muslims who claim to be traditional but once the user signs up, it becomes clear that profiles are not vetted by admin which leads to inappropriate behaviour. Helahel is run by admins who regular check the site for issues and have the ability to remove users if reported. Helahel is also completely free to use, unlike other Muslim dating sites. Many claim to be free but then charge the user to view more profiles but once you sign up the, you are able to view all user profiles in an instant.

Muslim dating

What Makes Muslim Dating Different?

While many of these niche sites are self-proclaimed “Muslim dating sites“, dating in the traditional sense is not practised on these websites. The term ‘dating’ suggests a casual affair which does not necessarily lead to marriage. Muslim dating is now becoming a more popular term amongst forward-thinking Muslims who wish to broaden their marriage prospects. Muslim dating is whereby two Muslims are seeking a partner for marriage and are assessing a variety of prospects before settling on the most compatible.

How Does Muslim Dating Work?

Single Muslims will sign up to a dating site and view a selection of profiles to gain a better understanding of how compatible individuals are before contacting them. If a single finds a suitable match, they can contact the individual via the dating site and begin conversing. To remain halal while conversing with one another, conversations should be kept short and not too intrusive to avoid becoming too attached before marriage.

Once the couple have established a compatible relationship, the male can ask the woman’s wali for permission to marry.